Verdigris French Cabinet

By Tonya-Delyla Design, Owner/Creative mastermind at Delyla Design

I spotted this little french cabinet at a yard sale for only $20!! I knew it had a lot of potential and was in good structural shape. It had definitely been neglected and looked like it had been stored in a basement for many years. This was confirmed when loading it into my vehicle, there must have been a hundred spider eggs on the bottom.Gross, I know. Thankfully I had my handy "debugging kit" that I take along with me when I'm on the hunt for furniture.

 I knew I wanted to give this french cabinet a patina layered copper finish.I started by painting a base coat of Paint Couture, Emerald Green. I then lightly dry brushed General Finishes, Patina Milk Paint on the entire piece allowing some of the emerald to peek thru. I used cheesecloth to dab Copper Metallic Paint in random areas. I painted the inside of the cabinet with Patina Green and then I deepened the finish by glazing the entire piece with Glaze Couture, Copperhead. Next, I applied General Finishes, High-Performance Flat to protect the painted finish.

I wanted to create a hammered Copper finish on the top. I mixed Paint Couture Madagascar Mocha into Embossing Medium. I applied a medium coat of tinted Embossing Medium with a trowel. I then used a tack hammer to lightly tap to create a textured hammered finish. I then applied two coats of Glaze Couture, Copperhead. 

I enjoyed giving this neglected piece of furniture a fancy new verdigris finish. 



Products Used

General finishes, Patina Milk Paint
General Finishes, High Performance Flat
Paint Couture, Emerald Green Paint
Paint Couture, The Collection Copper Metallic Paint
Paint Couture, The Collection Copperhead Glaze Couture
Paint Couture, The Collection Embossing Medium
Paint Couture, The Collection Madagascar Mocha

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